Best Beaches On Earth

Everyone loves the beach and I think it has a lot to do with the sand on your feet and the relaxing vibes that occur within everyone when you are in the ocean and just hearing the sounds of the waves, and the truth is that a beach may just be one of the most peaceful environments that you could place yourself in and that is really cool if you ask me. So for the most part we are going to assume that you really love beaches, and the truth is that there really are a bunch of beaches all over the world because where ever there is a coast line there most likely are a lot of beaches. But maybe you don’t want to just go to the east coast or southern California for you next beach adventure and you actually want to get away to some of the more beautiful beaches on the planet, well then you definitely have come to the right place because this website and list of articles is completely dedicated to the best beaches on earth and so we are going to be taking you all over the globe to different beaches that we think are the most beautiful and extravagant beaches of all time on the planet.

So the first line of beaches that we are going to be talking about in our conversation about the best beaches in the world is from the Caribbean Sea and it is true that the Caribbean just so happens to be the type of place that is known for its beauty and is one of the most beautiful seas in the world. The specific beach from the Caribbean that we are going to be talking about is Trunk Bay in St. John, which is a part of the United States Virgin Islands and is actually a National Park within the United States National Park systems. But let’s be honest and say that the Virgin Islands National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the entire country and this area of the Virgin Islands is definitely worth going to and it really isn’t all that far away. The Caribbean really is a magical place that is so different than any other area of North America, but of course you can find paradise down in the Caribbean and have the most fun in your life, and that is really what the Caribbean Sea is all about, and that is why the entire area of the world is well known for hosting some of the best beaches on earth.

But when you go to a place like Trunk Bay you will see a whole different side of the Caribbean because it is uninhabited by people and is completely natural and looks like you have found a rain forest of vegetation and little islands and even some large peaks jut out of the earth around this area. The water is some of the calmest, and the clearest water you will see in the entire earth and it is great for hiking and snorkeling and even scuba diving because you can see throughout the water so clearly.